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Stage Hypnosis Book

David Botsford died suddenly in London in July 2013 and though he is no longer with us, his hypnotic voice and enthusiasm lives on in his superb set of Self-Hypnosis CD's, still available to buy on this website.






Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Book


Do you want to stop smoking - lose weight - overcome pain - defeat depression - relieve stress - or simply maintain your physical and mental well-being? Each of these problems develops in the unconscious part of the mind - which is also where the solution is to be found. These self-hypnosis CD sets provide a complete solution in a box to each of these problems. In each CD set, clinical hypnotherapist David Botsford explains the essential facts you need to know, and provides self-hypnosis exercises that you can listen to as many times as you like in order to achieve your goal and transform your life. Each double CD set contains over 2½ hours of material, making them the most thorough and comprehensive products of their kind available.
The Hypnotic Orchestra David Botsford
FREE BONUS: The single CD "Baroque Music for Self-Hypnosis" ($14.97 when purchased on its own) - containing music by the Hypnotic Orchestra and organ soloists Daniel Cook and David Pipe - is yours as a FREE BONUS when you order any main CD set.

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